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#MeTooMuch - A Summary Of Sexual Abusers from Just One Small Life

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

🚨 if you believe survivors, please consider supporting my legal battles 🆘 Thank you 🙏🥳🔥💗🦁

This is basically the media/press kit release I send out to the amazing producers and bold agencies that truly want CHILD ABUSE & RAPE CULTURE TO END.

Thank you for seeing me.

Thank you for hearing me.

Thank you for believing me and thank you for elevating my little BIG voice.


Each of these excruciating stories of survival from my OWN youth will become individual posts, podcast episodes, DISCUSSIONS FOR CHANGE, and finally my own personal memoir currently in the works for global publication.

This ends with "Us".


When I was a growing up, I was targeted by some very bad people, and it was very difficult for me to be seen and heard and protected by those around me that were not my abusers. But during this time, God would show me visions that I would be heard one day and to try to just remember as much as possible and to stay on high alert anytime these things took place and at some point they became so repetitive that God showed me I would be writing a book about it. I’m still writing the book because it’s still unfolding, but He is giving me the courage and ability to write a blog, and also produce a podcast where I was able to lay the foundation for many of my testimonies to at least live in a safe place until I can finish writing my book in its entirety. Just before the abuse amped up when I was a child, I had an imaginary friend whom I believe was and is Jesus Christ. Preparing me to help take down and bind the beast system that thrives among us and have been ruining our lives since the dawn of time. Jesus showed me the Book of Revelation was unfolding and as a child growing up Catholic and spiritual, that was a relief to hear!

Here is part of my story.

God is still using me in battle but with God all things are possible so I’m ok with that. The reason the book is called Frank, The Messiah is because when Jesus showed up again to me after another suicide attempt in my adult years, (I did a healing in His name and three days later tried to end my life only to have NONE of the pills take any effect) I was triggered (recoiling) at His name and presence so He smiled and asked me what I thought the funniest name for Him would be and I said offensively “Frank” and He bowed to me and said “then I am Frank The Messiah” and He has held my attention captive ever since. Now, I help teach people have to trust Jesus after surviving extreme abuse.

I was born in the Del Monte forest of Monterey, California. My parents met in Hollywood California where my father was born and raised. My dad referred to Hollywood as Hollyweird and would tell me horrible stories about his birthplace. My father was born to a self-made multi-millionaire; my grandfather was one of the founding fathers of southern broadcast radio.


My own rape story from when I was 9.

My first time. But not my first predator. (Hi Uncle Ron.)

A neighbor friend's father began sexually abusing and stalking me from ages 6-9 in Pebble Beach, CA 1980s.

Brayton “Brad” Witherell died a war hero. #Pedophile

The grooming and torture of breaking me (had a grooming video) and my survival and silencing after.

His home, I recently found pics as it was sold and cleaned up.

Exposure therapy I suppose, therapists thought it was a good step.

Master bedroom I was raped in by Brad Witherell. His wife was home when I was coming to on their sofa. She didn’t help me.

He would watch me in my window on our back porch in Pebble Beach CA. I tried to tell them that he was in my window often, but no one believed me.

One evening, shortly after the day Brad tricked me into his room and raped me, when my father was out of town, my mother finally caught him watching me pee. Nose pressed to the screen seen in this picture.

He had a beer and a cigar. I tell this story in episode one a&b in my podcast on YouTube and also Apple podcasts.

Abducted from the same Pebble Beach gated neighborhood by another neighbor's mother across the street. Both her sons attempted to rape me when I was 6/7, my older brother thankfully was present and pulled them off me, my mother said "boys will be boys" and to stay away from them. Podcast episode here.

Their mother tricked me one day into going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with her where she made me call her mom (she’s Iranian and I was a blond little handicapped white girl) a stranger helped me alert security when she told me we were waiting for an unmentioned male “friend” to meet us.

This was all swept under the rug and chocked up as another “miscommunication”.

I got into trouble anytime I tried to speak up or get outside help to see what I was battling repeatedly as a vulnerable child.


Dealing with PTSD.

Then... I started to find a voice. My singing voice. I'd been acting since kindergarten and modeling since second grade through my catholic school.

In fourth grade, I was asked to sing my first solo.

"Prepare Ye the Way of The Lord". I just learned recently this is a musical number from Godspell and not a gospel song as I'd originally believed and I burst into tears seeing God woven throughout my terrifying youth.

I felt less alone with Annie in Kindergarten.

By third grade, I felt I might find a nice guy someday and not more abuse with Seymore when my brother's best friend introduced us to Little Shop of Horrors.

And a door was left open to my faith with my dad's LP of Jesus Christ Superstar. I, too, had a lot of questions for God by 4th grade. I was REALLY MAD that God apparently allowed His Son to be murdered by idiots and also allows kids to be abused by creepy adults. Even kids that marry Jesus in a creepy church in second grade.

Eating His flesh and drinking His blood.

I just didn't get "earth" AT ALL.


Ghislaine Maxwell approached me at the Jupiter gym when I was 14/15 for Victoria's Secret modeling opportunities, international travel, and “massages”. Only to meet up with these elite traffickers again in 2001.

Modeling, singing, and pageants in high school. Endless "opportunities" for sexual predators.


While in high school, Ray Huizenga (Miami Dolphins) sexually assaulted me at a "dinner meeting" in front of his bodyguard at a bar in Ft. Lauderdale that he brought me to for a "business meeting" to discuss additional opportunities within the NFL.

I was in tears with his abusive sexual advances.

My parents and I trusted him.

He called me again after that evening, attempting to convince my parents to allow me to stay with him for a weekend on his yacht on a "friend's private island in the Caribbean."

He had confessed to me that he swiped my headshot off of the talent coordinator's desk and that he was smitten by me.

I was 17. He was 32.


In high school, a cop took me to his house to sexually abuse me.

Zed Albrecht.

I lived in Tequesta with my family at that time.

Still 17 and at a house party with friends, I got to chatting it up with this cop as he noticed I didn't drink.

He was a "cool" cop.

I told him I was on the debate team and pre-law focus for college. He was telling me about the unaccredited Barry University he was attending for law classes and encouraged me to check them out when I submitted for college.

He offered to drive me home from the party since I had an earlier curfew than most.

I trusted him to take me home safely.

Put me in his patrol car, humiliated me with his siren and lights, and proceeded to take me to his house instead of my own. When we pulled up, he said he had to take care of his dog, or cat, so he handcuffed me and told me to "be a good girl in his house". I was TERRIFIED and thought I was going to be in SO MUCH trouble for "allowing this to happen".

Once in his kitchen, I tried to get him to see me as a human being and not a toy so I crouched down and pet his dog/cat whatever it was., even though my knees dislocated easily when I crouched, instinctively I just needed him to have compassion for me so maybe he would take me home.

I could feel this was not going right.

He then pulled me by his handcuffs into his bedroom where he quickly began pulling off my clothes. He pulled my pants down and began to digitally penetrated me and I started crying and hyperventilating.


I told him about the pedophile from my childhood and told him I was triggered and thankfully he took me home. I stopped going to high school parties after that encounter.


THANK GOD there is CURRENTLY an investigation against this CHILD PREDATOR COP! And we wonder why survivors don't "file incident reports"... did you know TO THIS DAY survivors must meet an officer IN PERSON to report sex crimes? Can't even begin the process of reporting abuse privately online from the security and safety of our own homes. It's all a setup as the system protects predators. Not their victims. Just the other day I was flagged as a "bully" on LinkedIn for outing one of my rapists publicly. Thankfully I was able to contest their silencing and they allowed my post and apologized.


The Bullshit Debutante Ball of Predators (story told on E17 of Podcast on YouTube & Apple)

When I was still 17, my mom came across an article in the paper about a 'debutante ball' type event needing models to volunteer for the evening to raise money for an organization.

I told her "sure" that it would be fun and more experience for my college resume in public speaking etc since there were to be live interviews with the D-list Celebrity Judges before the crowning of the "Debutante".

I had a few pageants under my belt at this time and felt way more confident in agreeing to this "opportunity."

On the day of the event, a limo arrived to pick me up.

I brought my boyfriend along with me and my whole family drove separately to meet me there for the evening. When my mother called to inquire about the event, she asked for an outline of the evening's agenda so I would be prepared and professional.

I arrived at the event on Palm Beach Island just before sunset and hurried inside.

While scoping the place out, a woman approached me and told me I was expected to have private interviews with some of the judges in a limo just outside.

I remember this immediately upsetting me because as a PEDOPHILIC CHILD RAPE SURVIVOR I DO NOT TRUST ANYONE, LET ALONE MEETING GROWN MEN PRIVATELY IN A LIMO THAT WAS NEVER DISCLOSED TO MY MOTHER. I froze and was flushed with anger when she firmly commanded that ALL participants were required in order to be judged at the end of the night.

I decided right then and there it was not worth "winning", and I would be defiant in blatantly ignoring her request while seeing just what these "adults" were up to.

At that MOMENT God sent my little brother to walk by and I asked him to please go check out the limo situation.

Since I am also handicapped with dislocating joints, I was concerned I might hurt myself with such an unnecessary request to meet judges in limos! So bizarre!

Not 5 mins later my 14-year-old little brother comes back with eyes like saucers, half laughing at what he's about to blurt out.

"So?" I ask, impatiently.

"Umm... the other model (oh did I mention there were only two of us models and I was the only minor? Yeah, that) is giving JJ Walker a blow job!" he confesses.

"WHAT?!?!" I gasp in horror and anger, "WELL, I AM NOT GOING OUT THERE THEN!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???"

I then ask my boyfriend, a few years older than me, "Chris, will you please go check, he's got to be joking..."

Chris comes back with the SAME LOOK AND GIGGLES, "Ummm now they are having sex and doing lines of cocaine" he explains to me.

At this point I am SHAKING with anger wanting to see if I truly LOSE against this ONE COMPETITOR that fucked her way to the top, I wanted to prove to myself that I would not have to EVER DO THAT TO WIN. So I made sure to really play it up.

Photoshoots with celebrities, BIG SMILES!

Nailed the live Q & A, really hammed it up. Worked the crowd like only I knew how.

Even disco danced with Greg Brady himself... I laid it on THICK against the stick in the mud of competition.

The "competition" that took no thought in answering her questions...

There was no competition.

She did nothing but sell her body to the devil.

And they announced her as the winner.


Many came up after saying it was very strange I didn't win.

I thought so too.

Just before the live interviews at the end of the night, Barry Williams came over to chat with me. Striking up BS conversation, I just smiled brightly and answered honestly.

He asked my age and I told him the truth.

He offered to get me a drink from the bar and when I declined and told him I had a drink, he whispered in my ear that he could very easily get me an alcoholic beverage from the bar if I wanted.

I declined, politely smiling.

He commented on how much older I looked and again offered me a drink anytime and to find him if I wanted to take him up on his offer to sneak a minor some alcohol.

After the humiliating loss, still smiling like I'm a winner, as 'models' are trained to do, Barry approached me right before I was leaving with my family. He slipped me his photo and address again bending over to whisper in my ear how much he enjoyed meeting me and to write him anytime, finishing with "I'm very lonely."

This just made me feel so gross and so sad. I grew up enjoying what little innocence I had in my childhood watching this "good big brother" on national tv and the real person behind the character is just another CREEP!

Once in the safety of the car with my family, I began to appear visually upset, holding back tears of how humiliated and used I felt "volunteering" my time to be abused by more predators.

My family attempted to lift me up in praise and compliment me that I was the clear winner in their eyes and to just "let it go" and move on with more "experience".

The following morning, my mother burst into my room and tossed the paper on my bed.

"See? EVERYONE thinks you are the winner from last night. They splashed you all over the front page of the Palm Beach Daily News and didn't even mention the lady who won!" my mother boasted.

This upset me EVEN MORE!! I felt even MORE used and decided to go rollerblading to clear my head and blow off more steam.

After about 2 hours I returned home to my mother gloating that my little brother had taken a message for me while I was out...

"J.J. Walker called. Alex took the message" she smiled proudly.

He wanted me to call him back and go to lunch with him while he was still in town.

I wanted to PUKE.

Sadly my mother is terrible at seeing sexual abuse and predators. At the time she thought all these grown men calling me with "opportunities" were harmless good guys.


Shane A. Fuller

FSU boyfriend freshman and sophomore years. Frat Prez.

My first "real" relationship and a nightmare of sexual and psychological abuse. Raped me repeatedly in my sleep after I would tell him NO SEX. He cheated and lied so much that it was difficult to know up from down with all the gaslighting. Had to transfer schools to escape the 'game' of his abuse.

One of the last times I saw him, he told the friend I was with that I was a 'slut' and he could get me back anytime he wanted.

I loved his man with all my heart at the time and was 100% faithful.

I supported him when he was sent to jail for drunken battery on an officer and helped him to ground and meditate before his court hearings. I wanted to share my life and legal future with this Jekyll and Hyde alcoholic, as we both had passions to become attorneys. His cruel and self-gratifying abuse launched me into suicidal ideations. Thankfully there are no statutes of limitations to these felonies since I have just recently learned from an officer with OCPD that being asleep after EXPLICITLY not giving consent is a first-degree felony of RAPE.

You can find this resource on the RAINN website. Also, ignore any cease and desist that a JUDGE HASN'T SIGNED OFF ON (that would mean a judge has heard you speak). It's a trick to shut you up and SCARE you FURTHER.

Not admissible in court AKA TOILET PAPER. 🧻🚽💩

Keep speaking up. Make rapists ACCOUNTABLE for THEIR crimes.


Tried to give Shane the opportunity to speak with me and apologize or explain himself to me only to be ignored. His little brother then blocked me on social media and via phone. We were still friends. Ignoring my pleas for help, accountability, and reconciliation for the sake of my peace and sanity is a MASSIVE TRIGGER OF MINE. It was hard enough being raped repeatedly, to be ignored for 20+ years is quite the salt in the wound. Be better, we survivors aren't going away. God has made us to survive for a reason.

Reached out to his law firm also. Rapists shouldn't be protected by ignoring their victims... we should be able to press charges any time we feel empowered and educated enough about the subject ( like in my case had NO IDEA what Shane was doing REPEATEDLY was a FELONY CRIME or I would have reported then and there.)


Dargan Watts, a producer, abducted me from a business dinner and raped me. Far-right in the picture below. I tell this story twice in my podcast, first in E9: Let's Talk about Rape, Baby! and that time Ghislaine Maxwell Tried to Recruit Me when I was 15 where I did not name him but I sure af did in E19: The #Epstein #Maxwell #Trump Model Prostitution MatchMaking Party in 2001 Gloves are off, big guy.

The only reason I HAVE this one picture of him is by the GRACE of GOD and Dargan's pure predator ego.

It was supposed to be a picture of ME, my best friend Tiffany whom I brought for fun, and the host of Say What Karaoke; David Holmes. Out of NOWHERE this giant man walks into our shot and puts his arm around my friend!

Thankfully we got a pic later that evening at the after-party at Howie's club in downtown Orlando.

Dargan Birchmore Watts raped me in 2000 through his Birchmore Group business. I met him at an event he was connected with through MTV and he was 10 years my senior.

I agreed to a dinner with him after meeting him at a ‘Say What Karaoke’ event in Orlando at Hard Rock Live through Donna Wright, where I was to sing for the release of the Backstreet Boys comic book. Dargan said he was interested in helping me get more work possibly through his own company directly. The Birchmore Group was the name of the company he said he personally owned.

The night we were to go to dinner he instead drove me to his home. He pulled up and said he had some quick “business” to take care of and shouldn’t be more than 20 mins.

I’m physically disabled so I cheerfully offered to wait in his car even though this stop was never mentioned, not even on the drive over.

He told me to just come inside it wouldn’t be long, wouldn’t take no for an answer.

I didn’t want to come with him.

But I came inside and he went upstairs, calling me to follow him, that his office was up there and I could wait there. He also said he wanted to show me his new “antique” king bed once we were approaching the door.

He wanted to know if I liked it.

I didn’t want to come inside.

I didn’t want to come into his room,

I stood in the doorway of his BEDROOM/OFFICE but he kept telling me to come with him. I had ZERO IDEA HE WAS A SEXUAL PREDATOR!

Sadly I’ve never “expected” to be raped any time someone has raped me or attempted to so, so I guess I should have clawed his eyes out when he told me to come inside with him... should have assumed men are rapists... even though society seems to want to blame the innocent victims.

I didn’t want to sit on his bed to get a closer look but I did and that is when he JUST LAID on me and raped me while I cried and I told him “no no no no no no no”. I tried to push him off me so he held my wrists/hands over my head with one of his enormous hands, while he touched my clitoris with the other in an attempt to make it easier for him to violate me.

I began to cry immediately as it triggered me from the rape I’d survived as a nine-year-old by a friend's father.

That pedophile did the same thing.

Dargan is a very large man and when he laid on me fully, he rendered me incapable of defending myself from him.

Dargan Watts shushed me as I cried while he raped me, complimenting me, telling me how pretty I was while tears streamed down my face. He said he was almost done and I disassociated into the disgusting ornate bed.

After, he acted like nothing had happened and told me dinner needed to be rescheduled, sudden “business” interference and he needed to take me home.

I felt used and horribly depressed after. I was weak from being hungry and this sexual predator took what was not his to have.

I’ve been singing and performing since kindergarten, it was my God-given passion and gift to sing and predators I REPEATEDLY ENCOUNTERED RUINED IT ALL!

Recently reached out to his wife as rapists are frequently REPEAT OFFENDERS. You'd think someone would ask some questions after getting a message like this, but instead, she blocked me and updated her photo to add in my rapist.

Just gives ya warm fuzzies doesn't it? Either way. Her husband is a rapist and she is an enabler.

Google can keep deleting my review but I’ll just keep posting it. I’m outing all the sexual predators I’ve encountered. Protecting the world from rapists like you, Dargan. This is not my shame. Delete me again and I’ll go even bigger in exposing you to the world.

Edit: Got your cease and desist today. Telling me I'm a liar doesn't make me go away Dargan. It makes me MADDER.

Incredible what surviving rape keeps doing to ya. His daddy blocked me too. Why not ASK ME A FUCKING QUESTION? Like "who are you?" "How do you know my son?" "What do you want?"

You gotta see the effort this RAPIST is making to appear like a saint to the public and to wash out my blog post. Only this blog post has SUPERNATURAL POWERS. It's called the Wrath of God and it will come back to haunt you until you PROPERLY ADDRESS YOUR DEMONS.

Hey Dargan, when you die 💀do you literally think God and Jesus are gonna hi-five ya on abducting and raping a terrified young woman? Blows my mind what you've done with your soul over your sexual insecurities when I JUST WANTED TO SING and was PRAYING you would be a KIND gatekeeper. What a disappointment it was trusting you, too. Just another rapist.


#GetAGrip all the puns intended.

Happy to see you again;

IN COURT this time.

Drag me there for harassment, Dargie, I'd love the opportunity to tell a judge WHY I am DOING this... you'll have to explain how we don't know each other.

I am not afraid of you and your legal threats and ridiculously shoddy PR campaigns. #SaintDargan

So tell me, if the victim of rape has to pay their rapist for the crime committed against them, does that make YOU a pimp and your client a prostitute? #MeTooMUCH

Trial set for fall of 2023 with Judge Jeffrey Ashton presiding.


My one review of Columbia Hospital in Palm Beach. I admitted myself a year after producer #DarganWatts abducted and raped me as I wanted HELP REPORTING and UNDERSTANDING what I'd survived. Instead, I was brought into Ghislaine Maxwell's web again.

Self-admitted in 2001. 1st of many nervous breakdowns due to surviving CSA. Not only did my roommate end up being a human trafficker for Ghislaine Maxwell that attempted to exploit me at a Jeffrey Epstein party that dumped out to Trump's place, I also believe an employee of Columbia Hospital RAPED MY UNCONSCIOUS BODY in front of her my first night at your facility. Yes I understand these are quite some accusations however I RECALL waking up in the middle of the first night to a male employee shooting me with needles, telling me he was doing routine blood work and providing me a sedative WHILE I WAS ALREADY ASLEEP. I was not conscious for this and have been to several facilities since 2001 for repeated suicide attempts due to nonstop flashbacks of my sexual abuses, and I have NEVER been medically assaulted like that anywhere else. I had to sign off on any medications or bloodwork. Also, my human trafficker roommate WARNED me the staff were rapists and that we were not safe. I figured she was just paranoid and having her own issues but have since learned the truth and that is that Palm Beach is a GIANT HUMAN TRAFFICKING RING. I'm now helping expose it all in documentaries with Nancy Grace, Hulu, and Fremantle Studios. Thank GOD this nightmare is finally being brought to light.

SINCE POSTING ABOUT THE HOSPITAL ON YELP, another survivor has come forward! THE MEEK SPEAK!


GMax and her fam are currently following me on Twitter. Oh, joy. Still in my orbit after all these years.

Guess she remembers me... She gets 13 hours a day on her laptop and phone.

Lisa Villeneuve brought me to the Epstein Human Trafficking "party" (she was born into it all like Ghislaine was.) I met her in the hospital when I was having my first of many breakdowns from recalling my childhood rape and subsequent abuses. She was my roommate and became friends. Wanted me to enter into a contract as Kurt Schmidt’s new girlfriend so he could receive his family inheritance. (Lisa and her own handler at my bridal shower)

Me in 2001

Lisa on the right, her handler on the left at my “bridal shower”. Lisa was a bridesmaid and then ghosted me just before my wedding. I’ll never forget what she was telling me.

Lisa was attempting to traffick me to Kurt Schmidt. He was an heir to the Campbells Soup fortune at the time and needed a “good girlfriend” cover to “get” his inheritance. I met him on his parents' yacht 🛥 at Epstein’s home on Palm Beach Island. Lisa told me I’d need to sign a “contract” with Ghislaine Maxwell for compensation.


Exposing hidden legs of the beast system.

And finally, helping bullied, harassed, and silenced innocent victims speak up over their own survivor handlers/recruiters/pimps controlling their narratives.

Exposing corrupt lawyers like this one... he represents multiple ex-"recruiters" aka human traffickers and ex-"employees" of Epstein. In other words, CRIMINALS.

Even reached out to Virginia herself. I mean she has an alluring organization that claims "Victims Refuse Silence" and yet...

only to have a complete stranger on Twitter private message me this...

Bad idea. God has WELL EQUIPPED me to take down the BEAST system.

I speak up. I am a tattletale. I am an educator. I am a coach. I am a survivor of way too much and I am fucking proud of myself.

Remember that time I got Prince Andrew’s pedophile-protecting spin doctor to step down from the most prestigious PR firm globally to the elites?

I do... God does... Dargan will.

And then he met ME... God told me I would be heard and He has made that happen. I am so eternally grateful for His Wrath. Hear me ROAR!

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