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Meet Molly Skye Brown

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

In her lifetime, Molly Skye Brown has survived abandonment, abduction, rape, sexual violence and manipulation, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, food and substance addictions, body dysmorphia, suicide attempts, divorce, an extramarital affair, estrangement and complete loss of self as well as her faith in a loving God. She brings her exquisite personal “light” humor to every dark shadow from her past. Enlightening her audiences that humor can greatly help transcend even the darkest and most shameful of secrets.

Her work has not only shifted her own debilitating PTSD symptoms and repeated suicide attempts, but has helped the hundreds of silent survivors she divinely encounters and coaches.

Her approach to working with her clients is pure compassion and empathy infused with tools that she knows, first hand, bring the relief that survivors so desperately desire.

Molly was born in the affluent and visually stunning peninsula of Monterey, California in 1978. From the ages of six - nine, she was living in the prestigious and gated community of the coveted Pebble Beach neighborhood where she began being stalked, brazenly molested and finally brutally raped by a neighborhood friend’s father, that lived just three houses away. Divine intervention occurred when her family moved across country to south Florida just a few weeks after the final attack.

Brown’s immediate family members didn’t understand the behavioral changes that manifested shortly after as Molly did not have the tools and ability nor the understanding of how to communicate what had happened to her. She began therapy that year for her rage and volatile outbursts and her seeming inability to connect deeply with her other family members. Only, she had repressed the incident and couldn’t connect the dots with her trauma and the behaviors that concerned her family.

Her mental state only worsened as she grew. In her early teen years, she ran away from home and began secretly self harming. At this time, she met her first friend that also carried a similar dark and shameful secret. While it was comforting to finally find someone else and feel safe knowing she didn’t make the whole experience up like she had feared, her new friend also had her own very self destructive behaviors and became an additional source of abuse for Molly. She again was in therapy after returning home only to have the blame shifted to her verbally abusive father instead of getting to the true root of the behavioral concerns.

In high school, she suppressed the trauma with over-achievements. She was an honor student, incredible babysitter and a classically trained vocalist and performer. Competing in pageants, singing for huge sporting events and touring elementary schools singing Disney songs to the children, Molly had a hard time trusting anyone and filled her friendless void with constant work and stimulation. She met many additional monsters along the way but she didn't feel anyone would actually do anything if she spoke up so she secretly suffered and cried herself to sleep when insomnia and panic attacks robbed her of any peace.

In her college years it didn't end and she was raped another three times, the last time by a local producer who taped the assault then began offering her singing work. This final incident lead her to give up her singing career and lead her to experience suicidal idealization.

Brown knows and empathizes with survivors as she truly has seen and experienced the complexity of complex post traumatic stress disorder following childhood sexual trauma and subsequent abuse. While she finally began to put more pieces together about her past in her early 20’s, it was not until her 30’s and after repeated psychological attacks that a police officer told her she should be evaluated and likely had PTSD. This was the light-bulb moment that then begun to unravel the repressed traumatic memories that landed her repeatedly in short term psychiatric units for suicide attempts and manic depression with unrelenting anxiety. During her stays, she felt safe and needed as she naturally brought so much warmth, empathy, light, humor and hope to others suffering in her units which unbeknownst to her, brought purpose and relief of her own suffering.

In 2014, she experienced a terrifying full visual flashback of being back in the room where she was brutally abused at the hands of her childhood neighbor. She attempted suicide shorty after that episode and after being unconscious for 2 days, woke in a hospital, furious to still be alive. Within a moment, she was attacking her wrist in an effort to cut the vein necessary to bleed out and end the pain that ravished her mind and body. In 2015, she attempted again, only to be divinely protected when the pills she took did absolutely nothing. Following that attempt, she began being visited by spiritual beings and also, Jesus.

Molly is a pure empath and the level to which she feels pain for herself or others, is both her gift and her curse. Only through her persistent wanting to die, has she found the courage to live, fully. She shares her stories openly and bravely to bring light to those still silently suffering, be it speaking publicly or coaching privately, her audiences are grateful for her courage. Her mission, also, is to educate innocent and naive children on “Not So Stranger Danger” as her assailants were never strangers. She credits Jesus for coming and saving her from herself and teaching her how to transcend her pain and suffering through empowerment and divine humor. She has devoted her life to helping others do the same.

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