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Timeline for Rapist Dargan Birchmore Watts

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

August 27, 2000 Dargan Watts, the owner of talent agency/event planning business Birchmore Group, targeted me at a Backstreet Boys event. I was booked as talent by Backstreet Boys manager Donna Wright. She had me as a plant in the audience to sing and test my voice with an audience. At the after party at Howie's club (a Backstreet Boys member) in downtown Orlando, Dargan Watts once again targeted me and began talking with me, offering me drinks, which I declined. He told me he could see himself marrying me, which I took as a red flag but was also very used to being told this by many men in the industry. He said he, too, could get me singing work, and I gave him my phone number. He tried to get me to carry something heavy from his car back to Howie's club, but I reminded him I was handicapped, fragile, and incapable of assisting him.

He called me at least once during the week of 8/27/2000 to plan our dinner engagement to discuss singing opportunities with his company. He told me he lived in a historical craftsmen's home in Thornton Park and then told me about a bed he had just purchased. He said a king owned it, and it cost Dargan $10-20k. I was happy for him but also didn't care and didn't see what his furniture purchases had to do with me, but I remained polite on the phone, and he said he would pick me up at my home near UCF at 7pm (I believe) on that Friday, Sept 1, 2000.

I believe we then met around that following Friday, Sept 1, 2000, (or it could have been the next weekend also, I just recall him calling me rather quickly after the Backstreet Boys event as I recall being very excited at the idea of him calling me so quickly to schedule the dinner meeting so I could start singing with his company for steady work. I took it as a very good sign he called so quickly. I was graduating college that year and had focused on music and vocal studies at UCF and was looking for legit paid to sing work and was prepared to sing to him that evening should he ask, he never did) Dargan arrived in his older Mercedes to pick me up for dinner and proceeded to drive me to his home with zero warning. When we arrived, I thought we were at a restaurant and was very confused and annoyed when Dargan revealed we were at his home and that he needed to "take care of some business first, shouldn't take more than 20 mins" so I offered to wait in his car as I am handicapped. My joints dislocate easily, making walking around tricky for me. This was before I had my hip replacements and knee surgeries. He said I could wait inside his office, and he shut off the car. I reluctantly followed him to his front door. Once inside, he immediately offered me a glass of wine which I also declined in annoyance. He went upstairs, and I said I would wait for him downstairs. He told me to follow him and that I could wait in his office. Reluctantly and with difficulty, I followed him up the stairs, and he opened the door to a/his bedroom, which had a desk and computer facing the bed he had described to me over the phone. I stood in the doorway, refusing to enter his room as he went over to his computer and turned it on. He told me to come in and admire his bed which I told him I could see fine from the doorway. He kept coaxing me to come inside, so I told him I do not come into men's bedrooms and that I was uncomfortable with what was happening and also handicapped. He then told me to sit down on his expensive orthopedic bed since I reminded him I was fragile, so I gave up arguing with him and did just that. He then was on top of me immediately, pushing me back onto his bed. He forcefully pushed my legs apart and got between them. He then yanked my pants down and my underwear with it. Instantly he began aggressively touching my clitoris, as I sat up and tried to push him off of me. I was saying NO NO NO NO NO NO, and he took my writs with one of his massive hands and pinned them back over my head. My hair was pinned under me also, holding me in a contortion.

This is when he raped me while I cried.

After, he ejaculated on my stomach and walked away. I thought he was going to the bathroom to get tissues and to apologize and explain himself, but after a few moments, when nothing was happening, I looked around and saw he was shutting down his computer with his pants still around his ankles. I began to wail, and he told me to get up and that dinner needed to be rescheduled, "something had come up," a "business conflict." I was FURIOUS at this point, and I told him that I was STUCK on his bed because I am handicapped and fragile! I told him my hips and back were locked and seized and that he had to help me off the bed. THE RAPIST had to help me back to his car! He took me home, and I immediately showered to get him off of me. I then looked up online what to do after sexual assault, and it said not to shower, so I climbed into my bed and cried and cried that I washed away all my evidence.

Approx. Saturday, Sept 2, 2000, Dargan Watts called, but I was too frightened to answer. I looked to see if Dargan's company had an HR dept I could report him to but only found info that looked like Dargan WAS his HR dept, so I didn't bother reporting him to himself.

Sunday, Sept 3, 2000, early afternoon, Dargan Watts called again, this time leaving a message that if I expected to work for him that coming Monday (apparently, he assigned me to a work gig without any discussion or singing audition!), then I needed to answer the phone when he called. This really infuriated me and freaked me out. I didn't return his call, and he called again that evening, only I answered the phone and said: "If you ever call me again, I will call the police." I never heard from him again until 2020/2021, when I began speaking up and naming my rapists publicly. I sent him a private message through FB to tell him I would not be silent any longer, that he'd had plenty of time to apologize to me, and that his shame was not my burden to carry any longer. He ignored then blocked me. I posted my blog naming my abusers and telling my survivor story, and he hired an attorney to sue me for defamation/slander/libel in retaliation.

This is legal abuse, and it has already cost me thousands to get ungaged. This is not fair, and it is very distressing.

My deposition is set for August 3, at 1pm through Zoom, and trial with no jury is set for Nov 6 at 9:30am for 4 days.

If you feel compelled to help me, you can donate to my legal abuse fees through GoFund Me

Or through my Linktree/PayPal profile

Thank you and God bless! I have won EVERY STEP OF THE WAY and will continue to do so by the grace of God. He told me to speak up. He told me one day I'd be heard. He saw these predators and told me my secrets would be exposed one day and He has DELIVERED and I am so grateful.

God is SO GOOD!

Currently in kangaroo court with accused child predator/child molester, Judge Jeffrey Ashton presiding. I wish I were kidding...

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