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The Gift of Trauma 💝

A big theme of the topics Jesus and I talk about is trauma and suffering. It’s not necessary to suffer, but it’s necessary to be aware of the trauma- know that it’s there, and where it came from.

And many of us ARE suffering. Trauma is this karmic loop of recycling itself back into abuse and then back into trauma. So how do we relieve the suffering from the past and stop new suffering from coming in?

The answer is love. The gift of trauma is that it forces you to go inside and question. This awareness is what stops the cycle of abuse.

We’re beautiful, amazing creatures. But our number one problem is our willful ignorance. Jesus came to show us our potential, that we could literally walk on water. We can be as glorious as Him!

These are the types of conversations I have with Jesus. This is also the purpose of my podcast “Let’s Be Frank.” It’s our opportunity to get to know Jesus the way He has been showing Himself to me. On this podcast, we get to talk about things like loving, open adults who can laugh, joke, and see the truth.

This podcast is here to help us see everything from the highest perspective.

Sound like your cup of tea? Check out the first nine episodes on Apple Podcasts or YouTube by clicking the links in the comments below.

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