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Jesus is Totally My Yoda ✨🙌

Let’s be Frank- Jesus is totally my Yoda. 💯

Because of this, I’m REALLY good at manifesting; Jesus has taught me how to use The Force! ✨

I didn’t always know why and didn’t have a huge awareness of it in the beginning. My mom was very interested in the spiritual stuff, the Esther Hicks movement/Law of Attraction self empowerment stuff. At the time I was also being raised Catholic, and going to private Catholic schools where there was a bloody dead Jesus on every wall of every room. 😳🥺☹️😭😞

There were several years where I was very mad at Jesus because of not actually knowing the real Jesus. I know it sounds really convenient that I know the real Jesus, but I do. Jesus is love. 💗😉💗

And Jesus is SMART. 🤔 He was far ahead of His time when He was here in His human form because He understood quantum enmeshment, that we are all One.

Now, we have that knowledge. 😃 🧬🔬 We understand the power of our energy and its effect on manifestation. ✨✨✨✨🥰✨✨✨✨

My FREE Five-Day Manifesting Mastery challenge is delivered directly to your inbox. 📧 😃 It will help you to get into the energy of manifestation- the smart Jesus way. 🤓😇

If you are ready to become a manifesting master, click this link to get this series! 🥳

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