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Episode 19: Dargan Watts Predator Producer "I was terrified of the world."

TW: rape⁣




Within the year after I was raped by Dargan Watts, I flunked out of college.⁣

I became extremely agoraphobic. ⁣

I was terrified of the world.⁣

I didn’t know how to report someone for something like that.⁣

I also was doubting what happened a little bit; this is quite common with victims of abuse.⁣

We think it’s our fault.⁣

We think “if I just hadn’t done x, then it wouldn’t have happened.”⁣

Then we’re afraid of reporting because we don’t want to get in trouble for falsely reporting.⁣

It’s bullsh*t that victims blame themselves.⁣

But if that’s not a sign that rape culture exists, I’m not sure what is.⁣

I tell the whole story of when Dargan raped me on Episode 19 of my podcast, Let’s Be Frank.⁣

Check out the full episode on Apple Podcasts or YouTube. Just click the links below!⁣⁣



Listen on YouTube by clicking here:

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