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Episode 19: Birchmore Group owner Dargan Watts Predator Producer "My rapist kissed my tears."

TW: rape⁣




My rapist kissed my tears.⁣

He did not kiss my tears 𝘢𝘸𝘢𝘺, mind you.⁣

Dargan Watts knew exactly what he was doing.⁣

As he was raping me, he was telling me how beautiful I was.⁣

I dissociated until he finished.⁣

I just laid there for a bit, partially from shock. Partially from the fact that sex always throws my hips off because of my hip dysplasia.⁣

It’s one of the many reasons that I wouldn’t make a good prostitute, even though I was treated like one.⁣

Needless to say, the business dinner that was supposed to be happening that night never got rescheduled.⁣

I tell the whole story on Episode 19 of my podcast, Let’s Be Frank.⁣

Check out the full episode on Apple Podcasts or YouTube. Just click the links below!⁣⁣



Listen on YouTube by clicking here:

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