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Yeshua2.0 Guided Meditation with Soul Bath

Yeshua2.0 Guided Meditation with Soul Bath

Yeshua2.0 Activation!

Just in time for the apocalypse:

Activate your very own Christ Consciousness and initiate your personal "Come To Jesus"
New and improved way to Come to Jesus
*No church necessary

What's In This Activation?

  • Self Baptism
  • Christ Consciousness
  • 33 Hertz Frequency Tone
  • Easy to follow Guided Meditation
  • Soul Bath
  • Firewall

What People Are Saying:

Absolutely LOVE Molly! I had the pleasure of meeting Molly in person when she came to NY. First off... I love her energy!! Secondly, Her ability to channel and receive my mom, who just transitioned, was just everything to me and the things she relayed to myself and my sister gave us such comfort, but I know it was my mom that was there and it was a beautiful moment. Molly is truly gifted!! Add on the crazy knowledge she has... because it's just jaw dropping. Looking forward to learning more from her!

Michele Major Barlavi

I first met Molly in a FB group where her personal testimony inspired myself and others to reconnect to Jesus. What I love most about Molly is her genuine transparency and sense of humor, which makes her approachable and easy to talk to. She's intuitive and artistic and has a heart to help others. I highly recommend working with her.

Alicia Castrogiovanni

I cannot recommend Molly enough. She is not only a highly gifted psychic medium and coach, but because of her long time connection with Jesus/Yeshua, now one of the Ascended Masters, she inspired me to approach reconnecting with him in an entirely new way through her Yeshua 2.0 program she received as a download from Jesus a few years back. The way Jesus meets Molly is in a very human and humorous way. After going through many intense personal traumas herself, Jesus taught her how to heal herself. In turn, she continues teaching others like she has helped me. I have known Molly for a few years now, and every session or conversation we have had has taught me something new. She is just one of those rare people that you feel drawn to, as if you have known her for lifetimes. She connects, channels, and coaches with a passion for helping others, and she is never in short supply of comedic relief lol!! You'll need that comedic relief considering many of us who have grown up with intense religious programming and fear conditioning (I was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses) mean that reconnecting with Jesus and God can bring up many triggers you may not be prepared for, even though you'll start to see that they aren't what religion portrays them to be. In that process, she has become a good friend, and I know Spirit introduced us for a reason. Invest in yourself by investing in working with Molly!! You will be grateful you did!!! Blessings Molly, and thank you for everything!!🙏💗💗💗

Rochelle Lopez

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