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Birchmore Group owner & râpist Dargan Watts is suing me for speaking

Updated: May 13

🚨 So grateful for ALL the help and support I’ve received to defend myself. The rapist is LOSING his lawsuit committing perjury and I’ll be suing him for malicious prosecution next so please stay tuned. This has been his karma A LONG TIME COMING. God was there.

The meek speak.

"Truth is an absolute defense." - FROM MY OWN LEGAL COUNSEL

link to legal abuse/intimidation 2021-CA-004996-O

I will NEVER stop talking. I go into more details about the night #DarganWatts abducted and raped me in my new episode where I tell the story of the time a "recruiter"/trafficker brought me to an Epstein Maxwell Trump model prostitution matchmaking party.

"AYE YI YI! That time I ended up at an #Epstein #Maxwell #Trump "party"

I’m a survivor, singer, and ex-teen model exposing all the predators I met."

Currently in court with Judge Jeffrey Ashton presiding.

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