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Birchmore Group owner & râpist Dargan Watts is suing me for speaking

Updated: Oct 17

🚨 if you believe survivors, prove it now please 🆘

"Truth is an absolute defense." - FROM MY OWN LEGAL COUNSEL

link to legal abuse/intimidation 2021-CA-004996-O

I will NEVER stop talking. I go into more details about the night #DarganWatts abducted and raped me in my new episode where I tell the story of the time a "recruiter"/trafficker brought me to an Epstein Maxwell Trump model prostitution matchmaking party.

"AYE YI YI! That time I ended up at an #Epstein #Maxwell #Trump "party"

I’m a survivor, singer, and ex-teen model exposing all the predators I met."

Currently in court with Judge Jeffrey Ashton presiding.

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